Who is gale harold dating

He apparently has a big secret and is played by Gale Harold from 'Queer as Folk' He is a new character to the show and is signed on for season 5.He apparently has a big secret and is played by Gale Harold from 'Queer as Folk' do you mean as friends or who they are dating?

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Acting isn't an easy job, you think they had loads of time after getting the script, rehearsing, actually acting, and discussing with the directors to fuck around?

Unless someone provides some concrete evidence, like a photo of Gale and Randy in bed buttnaked outside of shooting, I refuse to believe any of the rumours. You said Season 3 and the actor Fabrizio Fillipo ( he played Ethan) popped out in my mind.

Gale was also not always faithful to Yara who he has been dating off and on since 2006. There is no definitive proof that they've been romantically involved. Gale identifies himself as straight and has been dating actress Yara Martinez for quite a few years.

Other castmembers and people on-set have discussed this affair and caught them together during that time. Gale's public identity was of a heterosexual man when in reality he is bisexual. There have been reports about this from reliable sources but some fans will reject it.

The trolldar can't prove or disprove somebody's information is fake. The majority of people here use different names and don't use the same identity.