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Age does not depend upon years, but upon temperament and health.

In announcement and celebration of my current role as a firefighter and murder suspect in director @HRHOliver1’s #Picture Perfect Mysteries, I thought I’d post this totally unrelated photo.… Blocking with the ineffable @HRHOliver1, mi masterful amigo @Oliver Msmiith, screen siren lindsaymaxwellofficial, our crew, and one enormous, scene-stealing, f**k off handbag.

I was hired somewhat controversially or younger than expected to portray so I was overruled. Do you pine for and care about sh*t and struggle to achieve this and that and then some? Q) Was there something you added to your role that wasn’t originally scripted for you?

A) Aside from doing things like training with a Jackie Chan Stunt Team luminary, ad-libbing the occasional line such as Hodge’s reaction to Alec’s, “Jace is dead to me,” and immersing myself in “Shadowhunters” canon as much as possible, I asked for Hodge’s favorite blue-chipped mug to make an appearance because of his love of homemade tisanes both in terms of a simple pleasure and as a sort of field medic-made remedy in the books really struck me. I also thought it savvy to at least give a nod to Hodge’s apparent fondness for tweed.

I’ll be able to participate in a much more interesting conversation after a few more episodes have aired.