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When Katie Holmes filed for divorce from her Scientologist husband, Tom Cruise, two weeks ago, the event prompted a renewed interest in another famous wife of a beleaguered Scientologist: Kelly Preston, John Travolta’s spouse.

On the surface, the women in the two couples have much in common: they both married men in the controversial religion, they are both actresses who married up, and they both have been in relationships fraught with scurrilous gossip.

In 1990, the , one of Travolta’s movies: Paul Barresi, who said that Travolta had picked him up in 1982 at a health club shower room and that he’d had a two-year affair with the actor.

Barresi had been paid by the , and later retracted his claims after hearing from Travolta’s lawyer.

When Travolta faced a number of lawsuits (some of which have since been dropped) from men who claimed he’d groped or inappropriately tried to touch them during massage sessions, the rumor mill heated up again: depending on who you ask, Kelly Preston is a knowing Hollywood “beard” or a clueless, but devoted, wife, trapped in a fake marriage.