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As with Mary Hart in 2009, she wore various brightly colored slings designed to match or complement her wardrobe, for each show taped during her recovery.

Knight was born in Edmonton, Alberta, on January 28, 1982.

At an early age she took up dance lessons in a variety of different dance fields and competed throughout Canada in dance competitions.

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A year later, Rakesh and Kristin hosted a going away party at Bounce and Kristin promised Steve that she would get Ashley there," Spivey continued on her wedding website.

"Ashley arrived really late and Steve was a little inebriated but somehow convinced Ashley to go on a date later in the week.

Since becoming a correspondent in 2012 for The Insider, she has featured regularly in the press as a fashion icon and also worked for PETA, against the wearing of fur.

She was in a bad auto accident in April 2018 and suffered a broken right hand.

The couple had their first date at Rose Bar, on a Wednesday, where they took one too many tequila shots and have been together ever since.