Who is larry birkhead dating 2016

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this photo of lil' Dannielynn Hope Marshall with her daddy is SO cute!

The daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith and the photographer popped by a World Hunger Relief fundraiser Monday in Las Vegas, Nev., smiling ear-to-ear. As celebrity gossip bloggers, allow us to let you in on a little secret: Often, talentless celebrities in need of money and attention will make a deal with the paparazzi. Once the cameras grow weary of your attempts to remain in the news by thrusting your daughter in the spotlight, you must adjust.

Larry is satisfied with the income he gets from his business deals, but he has added an additional source of wealth recently.

Birkhead tried his hand as an actor and appeared in an episode of reality TV series “Celebrity Wife Swap”.

The single man doesn’t know how to keep his residence in order.

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