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The problem is, he has a cat, a 2-year-old sweetie named Hunter. Marissa: It was when we road-tripped to Ottawa to see that metal show, and the entire car ride felt like it was only four minutes long.

I'm so allergic to cats that when Adam's clothes brush against my skin, I swell up. I thought I would want to nap in the car, but that would mean not getting to talk to you. I didn't think it was possible to carry pet dander across provincial borders.

Marissa: It would be harder to not date you than to do what I'm doing now, which is to date you and pop antihistamine pills that sometimes work and sometimes don't.

I take ridiculous Snapchat videos of you petting and nurturing Hunter because it's so endearing to watch.

She has two sisters and attended Monte Vista Christian School in Watsonville, California.