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She is very popular as a Maggie’s role in American drama series Stitchers in 2015.

Salli Richardson Whitfield has acted in major motion pictures in three separate decades dating back to 1991.

Luckily, I had a great stunt coordinator, a great DP and a great camera operator who can get in there and help with that vision.

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When I decided to direct full-time, I realized that maybe that was the thing that I was supposed to be doing. Mousa Kraish (the Jinn) takes you behind the scenes of American Gods Episode 205 and his experience shadowing director Salli Richardson-Whitfield. I think that the one thing, unless it’s a show where this is completely something that they don’t do, I like to keep the camera moving.

New episodes of American Gods Sundays on the STARZ App. TSL: Stylistically, every director has their favorite techniques. As a TV director, you have to come in and bring your own style, you have to bring your own stuff to it. The more that I can keep the shot going, where people are coming in and out and falling into the right places naturally and you don’t have to fully cut out of it, those kind of shots really excite me because I have to take time to prep and think about how do I execute the shot.

She did her education from University of Chicago Laboratory Schools.

Richardson is best known for her Zoe Neville’s role in drama film I Am Legend in 2007.

However, whenever there is a chance to dig a little deeper in order to learn a little more, of course, we take it. But, how much do these fans really know about Salli Richardson-Whitfield? She Recently Gave Birth to Her Second Child While it is not uncommon for actresses to give birth late in their careers, some people were shocked to learn that Salli was about to give birth when the new broke.