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I have learned to love intentionally and to not take days or moments for granted." "I was widowed suddenly at 47, and met my current partner when I was 50. We understand each other’s grief and the love that continues for our deceased partners. Starting again is hard, and I had twangs of guilt about being with someone new at the start.I was on a dating site for nine months before, but met a fellow widow through a U. But I’m very happy now." "It was just nine months after my husband Tyrone passed that I met my current husband, Kellace.

So when my husband died, my entire belief system around love and relationships came crashing down.

Jump forward a few years, and I found myself stable and mostly thriving—but alone.

It took another five years until I felt ready to date again. I came to realize that everyone is on loan to us, so I took the leap.

I have been in short-term relationships and have had friends with benefits, but have not met anyone with whom I could see having a life-long partnership.

I realized that Tyrone will always be Tyrone to me.