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This will ensure that both of you don’t irritate or hurt each other with unrealistic expectations.

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It can very well be just you two on the couch watching Netflix, while you eat packed food. Ok, I know it might be hard at first to appreciate something that you absolutely hate about a workaholic. If you ever really want to be close to someone, you have to understand the love they have for someone. Sending such positive vibes accompanied by the appreciation will surely spice things up between you.

It’s all about the time that you spend with each other. No matter if you get just an hour in the entire day that you spend together, try utilizing each and every second of it.

Don’t create a mess with rantings and shrill vocal fights. If you want to discuss a problem, present it to them like they are at work.

Show them the issue and ask them to figure out a solution and make them believe that they are capable to solve it.

Instead of constantly requesting a movie time or dinner, plan a two-day trip.